Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)


Intensive Outpatient Group therapy enables to identify behaviors and problems related to the abuse or addiction of alcohol and / or substances and offers coping strategies for stabilization or recovery. It helps group members attain knowledge and understanding of the disease of chemical dependency. The general focus and goal of the therapy is to eliminate harmful behaviors, prevent further deterioration, improve the level of functioning and return to a healthy standard of living. It gives group members the opportunity to process feelings and behaviors as they relate to maintaining a clean and sober life style. It helps those who have a difficult time maintaining sobriety. The therapy identifies, fortifies and builds upon group members' existing strengths and coping strategies and acquires new ones. It also identifies available community resources and support systems, as appropriate, such as AA (Alcohol Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous). Signs and symptoms of relapse are discussed, how to approach and overcome this significant issue from a preventive standpoint. Treatment is solution-focused and interactive; its effectiveness depends on the sincerity and level of group member's cooperation, participation and genuine effort to achieve clearly defined treatment goals.


Pre-Trial Assessments


This comprehensive Substance Abuse Assessment is designed to assist defense attorneys in defending their clients charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or any other Alcohol/Drug related charges. The results, accurate diagnosis and recommendations can bolster the actual court presentation. Based on the assessment results the client may attend Alcohol and Drug Education/Treatment Groups as appropriate.

The Pre-trial Assessment includes:

Evaluations used to identify chronic and acute effects of alcohol and/or other drugs.

Drug Toxicology as appropriate

Psychosocial Evaluation

Alcohol and Drug History

Standardized Substance Abuse Inventories to determine final diagnosis(es) and clinical recommendations

Client support prior to court date

Succinctly written Clinical Summary and recommendations for attorney use which can assist in the defense strategy

Expert Witness testimony is an additional service to assist in understanding how psychopharmacology influences human behavior, which assist the court to understand mitigating circumstances.

Hispanic Program

Living Free offers a culturally sensitive Hispanic program for those clients who feel more comfortable in a Spanish speaking environment. We provide all the same services that are offered at Living Free.

Anger Management Program

Living Free Health Services offers Anger Management Therapy for Individual and Group Sessions with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Living Free Health Services Adolescent Program

We provide Intensive Outpatient services for adolescent's ages 13-18. Our initial contact would include an alcohol and drug assessment with emphasis on the individual psychological needs, a urine drug screen and recommendations for treatment. Our program is designed for individual, group, and family therapy.