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Living Free Health Services is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide outpatient substance abuse, mental health treatment services, and opiate detoxification services. Our highly trained and experienced professional staff offers all-in-one, individualized service to our clients and the professionals who refer them. Most insurance companies provide benefits for Living Free’s  services. Living Free serves the Greater Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area as well as clients from other states who have been referred to treatment or are seeking help.




Substance Abuse Treatment Program





At Living Free, we recognize alcohol and other drug dependence as forms of addictive disorders, which are chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal if untreated. We give special attention to introducing the philosophy of AA/NA and other 12-step programs. Adults and Adolescents experiencing addictive disease face serious challenges. Key life areas such as family, employment, legal status and physical health may be disrupted. Our program helps clients learn to cope with personal issues that fuel their addiction and to repair the damage created by their disorder. Primary treatment groups meet two to three times per week and may be supplemented with psycho-education and/or focused relapse prevention work.